Web applications

Web applications

May 21, 2020

AlfaCAT is developing web applications using Laravel framework. We are dedicated to connecting bussinesses and spreading trading on web so we built our own multivendor eCommerce system i-deeyei-deeye platform is fully adaptable to your needs and final solutions are easily to use.

AlfaCAT  build marketplaces  for a specific bussiness niche to help increase trade in each web shop through web mall.

What is Multivendor system?

Simply, it’s a online version of shopping mall, essentially it’s a web site with many different web shops. 

eCommerce platform of the future

Multi-vendor system is a eCommerce solution where different vendors sell their products and services. Buyers can choose and compare goods comparing several vendors and pay in one payment.

New selling channel

Multi vendor system is a big chance for more selling because you open a new selling channel with its own marketing strategies.

Multivendor Marketplace is a webshop network


Your Idea is coming true
You can set up your own marketplace huge like Amazon Alibaba or Ebay or specialised to a niche B2B marketplace. Marketplace may come with common storefront or every single vendor may have its own storefront hosted as a micro site on same domain as main marketplace, or may come with its own URL.

Marketplace is controlled by owner/admin with all permissions. Vendors can manage their profiles, upload product, track orders and payments, get socialised with other vendors or loyal buyers, and manage look of their shops if such service is chosen.

Markeplace owner earns money by commission or selling the entry to mall.

i-deeye eCommerce

i-deeye eCommerce is a Multivendor web application based on PHP and Laravel framework

Main features

Unlimited vendors sell unlimited products through a single marketplace
Owner controls network of online stores
Simple and easy to use dashboards
Joint orders / joint selling options
Social networking option

Tailored for You

i-deeye is a eCommerce platform we are working on for you. Each solution is unique but developed on same technology based on PHP and Laravel framework. Send us a message with vision of your multivendor Marketplace.